This is the sign every buyer wants to see in front of their new home and mortgage lenders play a key role in assisting you in getting that SOLD sign.

Mortgage lenders are the second most important role players in your home purchase. Meeting one you can trust, feel comfortable with and confident in getting you to the closing table with the least amount of money is crucial to your satisfaction in buying. In today's market place you have your choice of lenders and lending institutions from which to choose. Just as in selecting me to work for and with you as your Realtor, you will want to carefully choose the lender you want to work with. It is wise to "rate shop" lenders and interview more than one to make sure you feel confident moving forward with this person. You and your lender will become fast friends and you will be sharing your financials as well as other information most of us deem quite personal. Below are two highly competent lenders I have worked with over the years. Each has their successes and you will be good hands with either of them. The decision is yours. 

Still looking? Let's talk

There is a lender for every individual, just as there is a trusted Real Estate Advisor/Agent for each buyer/seller or investor. If you are not satisfied with either of these fine lenders that is OK. Let's talk and I can put you in touch with others or we can discuss what you are specifically looking for in a lender and find one to best fit your needs together. The most successful Real Estate transactions are those the end with your goals being met and you being satisfied during the process.